How did I get here? importing dogs from the European Union

As I mentioned before, I was born in Hungary, adopted in Romania, and then flew to Canada.(Who am I)

My friend had to prepare for my entry to Canada. at first, I thought because I was very important, but later on, I realized that getting into a country isn’t piece of cake.

Fortunately, my friend made all necessary preparation for my journey, except for the business-class flight ticket. I had to spend the whole trip in my crate, somewhere in the lower compartment of something called Airplane.

Now what do you need to know for this journey, it is the following:

  1. Vaccination : First, you need to check what are the requirements for import to Canada. since Canada is NOT a rabies free, therefore all dogs are required a rabies-vaccination. since I hold an EU Pet Passport (Romanian nationality), my friend had to prove that I am rabies-vaccinated. this can be shown on my EU Pet Passport (an alternative would be a veterinarian certificate).However, I highly recommend that your friend checks again using this link of the government of Canada : Automated Import Reference System
  2.  Air Transport : each airline has its requirement to transport pets. However, most of them share similar requirement. in my case, I needed the following:
    • A certificate from the veterinarian that I am fit to travel
    • proof of vaccination against rabies
    • and as most humans, I still needed my EU Pet Passport to board on the airplane
    • tranquilizing pills (some airlines prohibit giving pills to pets during air transport)
    • a crate should be sized with specific dimensions. some airlines will require the following measurements on international flights. United Airlines is an example of this:
      The length of the kennel must be equal to A + B.
      The width of the kennel must be equal to (C+1) x 2
      The height of the kennel (top flat or arched) must be equal to D + 3″.source: Crate size
  3. Connection flight : I had my connection flight through CDG Paris airport . depending on the airport, my friend had his luggage send directly to final destination. however, he had to pick me up from the “special cargo” belt, and check me in again at the counter for the connection flight. this was a great opportunity for me to have some break. walk a bit and play with other passengers at the airport. I was allowed to be inside the airport building, but under one condition, to be on leash. Also, Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport allowed me to be on leash at the terminal.
  4. Clearing at the custom : I had to undergo inspection by a CBSA officer. my friend had to pay the fees. back then, it was CAD 32. today, it might have changed a bit (apparently higher). the inspection is first to make sure that my EU Pet Passport shows a valid vaccine, as well to make sure that I was transported in a humane way (in one piece with no broken bones).

this is all you need to know about travelling from a European Union country to my lovely now home in Montreal-Canada.


One thought on “How did I get here? importing dogs from the European Union

  1. Great info for anybody who wants to come to Canada with a dog from another country! Thank you, it is much appreciated!!!


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