While he was preparing for his MBA exams, i passed my HIT (Herding Instinct Test)! Introducing border collie to sheep

While my friend was studying hard for his MBA exams, i successfully passed my Herding Instinct Test.

Here is how the story started. Since my childhood, i had a desire to herd sheep. One time back in the good old days, i saw a sheep in a farm, so i chassed it. i really didn’t know what to do next, but i knew this was something i was born for. Since that moment, i decided to consider it as a career path. Unfortunately, my friend doesn’t own a farm nor sheep. so all my dreams to become a professional one day shattered.

However, my friend never gave up on me. Since whe we arrived to montreal, he started contacting farmers outside Montreal. finally he found someone who offers herding lessons and booked a date!!! What??? Herding lessons???!!. When he told me about it, i couldn’t help it but to tear (don’t believe this part, i didn’t even know what he was talking about).

We had to wait till spring; and when spring showed up, it was time to do it.We drove 1:30 hr to the farm and we kept playing the song “eyes of the tiger”. finally we got there. I knew this was the D-Day.

As a border collie, i don’t bite and i don’t bark to gather sheep. instead, i intimidate the sheep with what we call it : the eye (know for border collies). I was supposed to be like a magician. by simply staring at sheep, they should know where to move. although i was pumped up that day, but this never happened. there was one son of a …….., seems to be the head of the sheep, he was the troublemaker. i couldn’t move him a single inch. so i spoke to the juries and asked them to replace this pack with a more cooperative one. once they changed the sheep, it was magic. i was running around and assisting the shepherd gathering the sheep.

I have posted a video on my youtube channel :

There are several farms that offer such training. if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me, follow me, like my youtube channel, and leave me a comment.

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