Not just friends, best friends!

Like most of my fellows, I have tons of energy and I like spending time outdoors, play Frisbee and discover the world. I enjoy my time with friends at the dog park.


But what I love the most is spending time with MY BEST FRIEND (some call it ‘owner’ but I don’t know what that word means). We’ve met 3 years ago, we shake hands (he seems to like that) and became buddies instantly. When he said he’s an engineer I was a bit worried and I feared boredom but little I knew. 


He treated me like family and he shared his food with me, but only the ‘right’ stuff because he cares about my health. And for the past 3 years we went through some interesting adventures together. Just to give you an idea, I have a passport, a spa passes and I’m getting ready to participate to a dog-agility competition this Spring.


I must admit, living with a human is not always easy but there are ways to make it bearable and fun for both parties.


I built this blog to share with you some of our great moments and the lessons we’ve learn (and to brag a bit). So take a look at the stories we shared so far and follow us.  If you feel inspired, share your stories and worries in the comments section. I might be to busy to read them but my friend seems to enjoy feedback (and dancing :))).